Turf & Ornamental

We at Centennial Ag Supply Co. enjoy the beauty of green expanses, just like you. This is one of the many reasons we strive to help you grow and maintain healthy turf, trees and nursery products for your golf courses, parks, athletic fields and sod and tree farms.

Our turf and ornamental specialists provide custom blended liquid fertilizers, soil amendments and adjuvants for your turf and nursery needs. We pride ourselves in building a fundamental relationship with you, so that we truly understand your wishes and help you meet your goal. Our top priority is achieving the best product on the ground for you.

Fair price, customer service, products to meet individual needs… it’s our promise.

Sales Team

John Derosier

John Derosier, Field Representative; Turf & Ornamental and Mountain Divisions - Kersey, CO

John has been in the landscaping, lawn care and land use management industry for over twenty years with five of those years here at Centennial Ag Supply Co. John has a Bachelor of Science from Colorado State University in Natural Resource Management. He is a proud supporter of several organizations including Rocky Mountain Regional Turf Grass Association (RMRTA), International Society of Arborists (ISA), Rocky Mountain Agribusiness Association (RMAA), and Colorado Weed Management Association (CWMA). John specializes in Turf grass and trees as well as grass hay and alfalfa production.