We’re relentless in our pursuit of purity and quality of our products for our industrial customers.   Every product and service we offer is created and designed to provide the best performance in your processes.  Our customers include ethanol plants, wastewater treatment plants, refineries, and cattle feed producers, just to name a few.
Our products are unique because we start with the highest level of purity in product elements and carry it all the way through to transporting the product in specially designed purified, closed circuit tankers and trucks.  That eliminates the possibility of contamination of your vital processes.   You can be assured of delivering outstanding quality products and services to your customer.  And our NSF certification means our products can be used for drinking water.
Professional, purity and performance…count on us.

Industrial Products

Looking for more power and efficiency for your engine? Look no further!

TruDEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid is an ultra-pure Aqueous Urea Solution that meets US and International Standards. When injected into the exhaust gas stream of engines with (SCR) Selective Catalytic Reduction it converts nitrogen oxides to nitrogen gas and water vapor, providing improve power efficiency from the engine. Trudge is formaldehyde free, non-toxic and non-hazardous. Avoid using agriculture grade urea and non-pure water. De-ionized water and high purity urea is a must.

SCR diesel-powered equipment includes: cars, trucks, farm equipment, irrigation, emergency power generation, heavy equipment, trains, and ships build after 2010.


Safety Data Sheet
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Potassium Chloride solution (19.2%)
KCl can be used as a temporary clay stabilizer in freshwater-sensitive formations.  When added to water-based fracturing fluids, it helps prevent clay swelling and migration, which can drastically reduce formation permeability and well production.  We are capable of handling large orders in a timely manner.

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Urea liquor grades that we manufacture (32.5%, 40%, 50% and 55%)
Our manufacturing process is completely devoted to urea to minimize the risk of cross-contamination with other chemicals. We can use De-ionized water to make Urea liquor.

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Sales Team

Dan Malpiede

Dan Malpiede, General Manager Kersey - Kersey, CO

Dan recently rejoined Centennial Ag Supply in August of 2015. He now serves as the Director of both Transportation and Industrial Divisions. Dan brings a broad spectrum of valuable work experience in a variety of areas to our team here at Centennial Ag Supply Co. Farming, ranching, construction, retail fertilizer operations, petroleum, and trucking are all areas Dan has excelled in throughout his career. Dan actually worked with our operations staff as an applicator and CDL driver back in the 1980’s. His most recent past experience as General Manager of a 200 unit trucking company has provided Dan with the skillset to further increase our transportation efficiency and the level of service we offer in the area of customer logistics. Dan’s natural leadership abilities and intense focus on providing excellent customer service with a smile are a welcome addition to our team.

Chris Taggart - Industrial Division Regional Manager - Kersey, CO

Chris enthusiastically joined Centennial Ag Supply in August of 2016 as Industrial Division Regional Manager. Chris brings to the table over 10 years of Industrial sales experience in a multitude of market segments such as Aerospace, Manufacturing, Biopharma, Metal Fab, Oil and Gas, Refining, Energy, Construction and many others, spanning from the Midwest to the Intermountain Area. Chris has vast experience with managing a large sales force, operations, and budgeting/P&L responsibilities. Chris’ leadership skills, attention to detail, safety and customer service makes him a great addition to the Centennial AG team.