FG 6-24-6 plus MicroPak

Increase yields with uniform and vigorous plant emergence. Give your seedlings the early season nutrients they need to reach full yield potential. Increase plant performance in tough soul conditions such as high ph, high salts or low organic matter. The best yields start with an excellent plant stand.

-FG 6-24-6 is a proprietary low-salt fertilizer designed to stimulate early season growth and increase vigor. It contains two forms of phosphorus to maximize uptake and efficiency. Orthophosphates which are instantly ready for root uptake, and polyphosphates that are extended release and provide nutrients over time.

- MicroPak is a blend of chelated micronutrients that stimulate rapid growth and enhance macronutrients (N, P, K) utilization.

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FG 6-24-6 plus MicroPakFG 6-24-6 plus MicroPak