2014 National Environmental Respect Award Winner

Centennial Ag Supply Co. is pleased to announce that our Yuma, CO location has been named the 2014 National Environmental Respect Award winner. This recognition follows our 2013 win for our Kersey location, making Centennial Ag Supply the first company to receive the national honor two consecutive years in a row.

"The Yuma office's hard work and dedication have earned them the respect of a growing customer base," said Jim Fargo, product manager/compliance officer for Centennial Ag Supply. "I couldn't be more proud of the team at Yuma. They've certainly earned this award through all the hard work they've done to promote the concept of environmental respect."

The Environmental Respect Award, sponsored by DuPont Crop Protection and conducted by CropLife magazine, are the agricultural industry's highest recognition for environmental stewardship among agricultural retailers who serve farmers and ranchers needs that are critical to crop production.

Jake Adler, regional manager for the Yuma location, along with Fargo and Yuma operations manager, Eric Johnson received the award for Centennial Ag Supply at he July 26th ceremony in Wilmington, DE.

"For me environmental respect means sustainability," said Adler. "Sustainability for our growers, employees, suppliers and the people who live in this community -- that's what this is all about."

Centennial Ag Supply was recognized for outstanding performance in the areas of product safety, plant design and improvement, employee education, strong customer relationships, emergency response readiness, and community engagement and support. They were also recognized for their focus on working with growers to adopt new technologies and improve their crop yield.

When their sister location, Kersey, won the national award for the 2013 year, Adler said the Yuma office took the opportunity to evaluate their own practices.

"We knew we were doing a good job, but it forced us to take a closer look at our locations," he said. "We discovered that we could do even better. This award has helped us improve and build pride within our organization."

One major area of focus for the Yuma location is addressing the needs of growers who are doing their own crop application.

"Farmers in the area are increasingly doing more of their own spraying," said Johnson. "Our facility is set up to support this growing segment of the business. We developed a very efficient way to load mini-bulk containers from our indoor herbicide storage tanks, so we can avoid possible cross contamination."

This also includes proper safety and application training for customers.

"Along with the training that goes with getting up to speed in precision agriculture, our Centennial team is constantly upgrading its emergency response knowledge," Adler said. "We train every season for emergency response, and we have 22 employees company-wide who are trained in emergency response and cleanup."

John said this extra training came in handy last fall when one of their growers had a spill. The grower called Centennial Ag Supply, not knowing what else to do, and Johnson quickly assembled a crew who cleaned up the product. "The grower was thankful we had knowledge in how to help him and how to protect the environment," Johnson said.

Each year, applications are submitted by agricultural retailers. The application, which resembles a self-audit, is reviewed by industry experts who select the winners based on achievement in environmental stewardship, professional excellence, and community involvement. Awards are given at the state, regional, and national levels.

In the past, Yuma received the state award in 2005, and the Kersey location won the 2009 state award, 2013 regional award, and the 2013 national award.

"These leaders are helping to advance environmental safety as well as the safe use of agricultural products, and we hope they will inspire others who share our passion and commitment to elevate environmental stewardship around the world," said Rik Miller, president of DuPont Crop Protection.

More information regarding the Environmental Respect Awards can be found at http://www.environmentalrespect.com

Yuma TeamEric Johnson, Jake Adler, and Jim Fargo