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Venango, NE 69168

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One of our goals at Centennial Ag Supply Co. is to remain current on the newest technologies and methods that make up the agricultural world, which is why we are very excited to announce our newest terminal, located in Venango, NE.

The opening of this terminal will provide new and unique technology, more convenient access, and support for growers in the surrounding areas of western Nebraska and eastern Colorado.

Our Venango facility will offer an automated system which allows growers to pick up their unique, already-blended products at any time of day convenient for them, instead of the limitations of "staffed hours." This technology is also the only system in the western region to give growers their fertilizer and plant health products blended to their unique specifications in an automated setting. Most automated systems give growers the various crop protection products individually, leaving it up to the grower to mix it themselves before applying. Now growers can go directly from terminal to the field.


Eric Johnson, Eastern Regional Manager

As Eastern Regional Manager, Eric leads our operations team in the areas of application and delivery at our locations in northeastern Colorado and southwest Nebraska. His hands on experience, attention to detail, and leadership skills bring a high level of service excellence to our grower’s farms. Eric trains our staff in the field as well as the classroom in the areas of professional application and customer experience. Eric is known for his dedication to the surrounding community. Eric is the sole recipient of Centennial Ag Supply Co.'s "Hero Award," in honor of his high level of integrity and commitment to our company. Eric was recognized with this award appreciating all he does for his team and the growers in the community.

Cody Miller

Cody Miller, Operations Manager

Cody has been in the agriculture industry for seven years. Cody graduated from the University of Wyoming with a Bachelor of Science in Agroecology and brings a whole-systems approach to growing. As a Qualified Supervisor (QS) through the Colorado Department of Agriculture, Cody enjoys working with growers and directs his passion to helping them produce results.

Venango Terminal