Corporate Office

2808 31st Ave

Greeley, CO 80631



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Centennial Ag Supply Co.'s Corporate office is located in Greeley, CO.  Our purpose is to bring success to our customers, employees, suppliers, and owners through honesty, hard work, innovation, and service excellence.



Jim Klein

Jim Klein, Chairman of the Board

In 1976 Jim had a revolutionary idea to improve crop production. One year later, Jim was applying his method to farmer’s fields and quickly developed a reputation for quality results.   

Jim named his new company Centennial Ag Supply Co. and it has grown to be an innovative, independent, input supply company servicing the Rocky Mountain region with seed, fertilizer, custom application, chemicals and service.

Jim is a Weld County native and his passion is to help his customers grow by improving their productivity and profitability through expert innovation, consultation, products and services. 

Jake Adler, President

For over sixteen years, Jake has worked in retail nutrients and crop protection. His involvement in many aspects of the industry, including application, agronomy, sales, and management, provide him with hands-on expertise to support his staff and customers. Jake’s leadership is aimed at bringing the best solutions and the greatest return on investment to the farms of our customers. “I am passionate about increasing our grower’s profits. When our customers have success, we do too. That success is everything to me.”

Linda Hulse, HR Manager, SPHR

Linda develops and implements company policies and procedures in all areas of human resources. Linda’s team helps employees realize future career goals within Centennial Ag Supply Co. by raising employee performance in key areas. Internal customer service training, manager education, and employee communication are some of the key areas Linda’s team focuses on. As a Senior HR Generalist Linda’s skills in the areas of employee recruitment and retention are critical to our future success and the success of our customers.

Mark Roberts

Mark Roberts, Credit Manager

Mark Roberts has joined our Centennial Ag Supply Co. team with 18 years of experience specializing in credit, accounting, accounts receivable, and customer service with GMAC. Mark is dedicated to ensuring that the team of Centennial Ag Supply Co. employees understands the programs we have to offer our growers. By doing so, he is determined to have a smooth processing for the grower when working with our credit department. Please reach out to Mark with any questions that you may have and let him know how he can assist you in your financial options with Centennial Ag Supply Co. Thank you for your business!

Brad Walker, Company Agronomist

Brad earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Soil Science in 1982 from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.  With nearly thirty years of experience in crop consulting, Brad currently works as the “Company Agronomist” for Centennial Ag Supply Co. Brad also consults with and trains the sales staff in all of our locations.  He actively conducts research primarily involving fertilizer and pesticide applications at the Centennial Ag Supply Research farm and other locations. Brad uses his research and knowledge to work with growers by checking fields and advising them on fertility management, irrigation management, and pest management. His many professional certifications include: Certified Crop Advisor, Certified CDPH&E Scentometer Reader, EPA Certified Worker Protection Trainer, CDA Certified Commercial Pesticide Applicator - Qualified Supervisor, USDA-Approved Independent User of Sealed Nuclear Sources - Neutron probe,  NAICC Certified Crop Consultant & Researcher, Certified Technical Service Provider (TSP) for the USDA-NRCS, and Approved Investigator by the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission. Brad is also a speaker at professional and educational meetings, such as CSU, USDA, EPA, NAICC, IACC ,CALCP and CAS.