Employee Testimonial

Jonathan Ferrari, Field Representative
“My story here at Centennial Ag Supply Co. is a great example of the opportunities for growth. Upon completion of the internship program and graduation, I was offered a job based on the work and growth I had shown working as an intern. I was hired as an agronomist and quickly went to work. I was then given the opportunity to move up again when a role as a  eld representative was opened up. An employee could spend several years in the same position in a similar situation, but Centennial Ag Supply Co. does a tremendous job of rewarding hard and successful work within any position and I am happy to know I work for such a company.”
- Jonathan Ferrari, Field Representative
Nick Riggio, Agronomist
“The experience I gained during the internship was highly valuable and led me in my career path to becoming an Agronomist. Throughout one summer the vast amount of knowledge and experience in technical agronomy and research validated what I wanted to do. Working with such an educational and friendly staff, after my internship I applied to return to work for Centennial Ag Supply Co. full-time and have begun my career in Agriculture.”
- Nick Riggio, Agronomist
Spencer Vasa, Field Representative
“Centennial Ag Supply Co. is a small, privately owned company, just like the farmers that I work with. I enjoy helping my growers raise their crop from start to finish and personally making a difference on their farm. This is why I am passionate about Centennial Ag Supply Co.”
- Spencer Vasa, Field Representative
Steve Krosky, Agronomist and Field Representative
"As a professional agronomist, I have been honored to work at Centennial Ag Supply Co., with a highly skilled and experienced team. The company has served local growing needs for 39 years, of which I have had the good fortune of being a part of for 12 years. Not only do I enjoy working with my teammates, but especially enjoy working with farmer customers. It feels good to be a partner in their farming operation, and having some input in their decision making. There is nothing more pleasing to me as to be informed that a customer has had a profitable year."
- Steve Krosky, Agronomist and Field Representative